God’s Heritage: Lessons From The Life Of Daniel

The lessons from the life of Daniel are awesome, incisive and transformational. From the lessons you will discover that you must refuse to be defiled. And for you to achieve this you must think the right thoughts. As Jesus rightly pointed out, what defiles a man is what comes out of his heart.

The overall lesson from the life of Daniel is that no matter where life has boxed you in, your godly values don’t have to change. For Daniel, the values didn’t change. Yes they (he and the Jewish nation) were captives in the land of Babylon, but the godly values he was trained with in the land of Judah were still in tact. He refused to be defiled, he continued in prayers and his faith in God never grew cold.

Yes it seems the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has failed them by allowing them to be taken captive. But deep down in Daniel’s heart, he knew that this God never fails no matter the circumstance. In fact, he out shined the Babylonians by his exceptional qualities and godly character although a captive.

Let This Be Your Testimony

You may be out of a job, facing a failed relationship, rejection and maybe imprisonment, but the rules/godly values you have been trained with don’t have to change.

Instead strive to be the best not minding the ugly situation. Out shine the Babylonians around you and prove to them that with God all things are possible and that God is capable of bringing out beauty in the midst of the ashes you might be in. Ultimately I trust God that as you apply these lessons into your life you will see your life move from one level of glory to another in the Name Jesus Amen.

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