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My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depth of the earth. Psalm 139: 15

When our friends’ first child was born, everyone knew about it. A baby boy had been born to the household! Joy and happiness abounded; sweets were distributed to relatives and friends far and wide. The news was out! A baby boy was born!

But it was a different story for the next child. We knew the wife was pregnant, but the due date came and went, and no birth announcement was made. We questioned when the due date was. Maybe she didn’t have it yet? Finally, we called to find out. Yes, a child had been born, but this time it was a girl. There was no rejoicing, no sweets distributed. Her birth was covered in shrouds of secrecy.

Perhaps you have seen this happen in your neighbourhood. Perhaps it has happened to you. You were that unwanted girl child. Or maybe you were just unwanted. You were an ‘afterthought’. Or you are the result of an unplanned pregnancy. Your parents hadn’t wanted any more children, or you were an ‘accident’. Maybe you have been abused because of who you are.

You feel unwanted and unloved. Maybe you curse the day you were born. Or you live your life in rebellion striking out violently at injustice served to you. Maybe you weep, hurt by thoughts of being an unwanted child.

Your Are No Accident

But you are no accident, you are wanted, and your birth should have been a celebration. The Psalmist says that you were not hidden from the Creator of the universe. As your Creator, he wove you together. Weaving takes planning, design, careful attention to detail. The ancient art of carpet weaving requires the artisan to dye the woolen yarn in rich colours, then painstakingly weave the carpet, a process that can take months. Some carpets are not dyed, rather the natural colours are made from different coloured wool, depending on the breed of sheep. These carpets take years to collect enough wool to make a small carpet. Weaving a carpet is no simple matter, it is carefully planned and designed, each design unique to a family or clan.

My husband and I have the luxury of visiting a carpet shop where antique and beautiful carpets are displayed and sold. We sit in wonderment at each unique and carefully designed masterpiece. And along with the display, the shopkeeper shares how each carpet is made, which tribe made which carpet and whether they used natural dyes or not. Each kind of carpet comes with its own creation story. And each carpet has its purpose.

You Have Purpose

Baloch carpets tell the story of wars and rivalry. Some carpets are designed to see if a man and women, if they marry will make a compatible couple. The man is given a piece of canvas as is the girl. Both weave a design into the canvas. At the end, the two pieces are sewn together and if the designs match, then the couple will have a good marriage. I don’t know what happens if each piece is quite different. That might be a different story.

Like the carpet, there is a purpose to your life.

Please consider the One who wove you together in your mother’s womb, that secret hiding place where you were designed and beautifully wrought. You are a creation story. Unique and beautiful in our own right. You were planned by the creator. You are both wanted and loved. He loves you and wants you and he created you with purpose.

Shrouds Over Eden:

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By Helen Khan

My first published book Shrouds Over Eden is influenced by my experiences living in a South Asian nation for over ten years. My years as a marriage and spiritual counsellor and my education in Sociology and International and Intercultural Education also weave their way into my writings. When I use the word writings, that means that other books are on the way. I try to live a retired life with my husband, 2 dogs, several cats, a peacock and other featured friends, but somehow my life is always busy. My favourite time of the day is doing word games with my husband while sitting on our veranda. You can also follow me on Facebook at My profile is also on Goodreads

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