I’ve been busy of late, but saw something that quite surprised me. I’m going to take a brief moment to share.

One of the things that I am known to do is watch YouTube videos. Specifically, I like to watch Christian videos about how this New Age religion affects the Christian church. After watching videos, I like to read the comments. One commenter says, “I’m glad God pulled me out of this,” along with other comments about turning to Christ. I notice that this commenter has a thread of comments from that comment.

I start reading it and, oh my goodness, no wonder people have such a poor view of Christianity.

Why would anyone want to belong to a family of believers if we are so divided?

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By Michael Furlonger

I am an author and the founder of ChristianWritersBookstore.com. CWB is designed to help and showcase the work of Christian authors and bloggers and podcasters.

One thought on “Seriously… What? by Michael Furlonger”
  1. Another thing we are so judgemental. Yes, we are to know right from wrong and walk as Christ walked,but we come down so hard on non-believers and those who are weak in faith. A walk through social media can be painful.

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