Mike Casper

Mike Casper is a Southern California author with a gift and a passion for storytelling. He is a world traveler, a husband, a father, and is an avid reader with varied life experiences. Mike believes although life can be tragic, it can also be meaningful, beautiful, and fulfilling.
Mike also thinks that books will take you to places that no other media can, including cinema, and with that in mind, he wrote STONE THROWER and THE SING SONG CHILD.
Enjoy the journey. 

Set in medieval times, SSC is the story of Andrew, a wealthy disabled boy, and Sophie, a poor peasant girl. Their worlds come together in this fast paced but unpredictable love story.

Fifteen short stories of ‘little people’ in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, who have brief but powerful encounters with Jesus, then are lost to the sands of time. These are their backstories. 

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