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Since 2015, Laura Bartnick has managed Capture Books, which is a boutique publishing and marketing hybrid group for new authors. She graduated with a degree in Bible and Music from Montana Bible College and then earned a B.A. in Contemporary Composition at Colorado Christian University. Her book, BEING CREATIVE displays the beating of her heart. It fosters a place of belonging and authority to creatives, makers, and authors. In every storyline, this author has proven to be a Five-Star Readers’ Favorite Author!

Being Creative

This book explains why your one extraordinary life hinges on the fact that “in the beginning, God created.”

BEING CREATIVE is a unique look at how God in Christ is the source of all creativity.

Using compelling Biblical references, BEING CREATIVE shows how an artistic soul is a breath of God, how creativity is a medium in which we encounter God, and how being creative is a means for bringing more life into the world. The book offers a path toward fulfillment and purpose. It will help readers develop a strong awareness of the sacredness of their creative endeavors.” -Arya Fomonyuy

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As a Christian Living resource, BEING CREATIVE is an inspiring book geared toward writers, makers, creative adults, college arts and academics. . .and those who nurture them.

Learn how creative capacity, both dark and light, is a direct result of God’s own priority to create and recreate every morning, every night…in nature, in stories, and in life’s process.


One man said, “I felt more alive than I have for a long time reading this!”
Kathy Joy, D.J. and author of the Breath of Joy gift book series wrote, “This is a creative’s manifesto!”

Subjects: Christian Living Books: Process and Theology. How to. Philosophy of art.

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Dragon Sighting Journal: Writing Characters with Imagination

Curiously, you may spy a Dragon on any day, at any moment.

1.You go out to find one thing, and you encounter a dragon lying in your path.

2.You are just sitting there, minding your own business, and a dragon swoops down, hunting you like prey.

3.You might see that a dragon is stalking a friend. What do you do? Buy this journal and you will begin to practice the science of tracking and documenting a variety of dragons. You will definitely gain some skills in defending yourself and fighting dragons.

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Creative Writing Skills

Create characters With Imagination

Writing antagonist traits

Deciding protagonist defenses and offenses with imagination

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