Joy Harding is a Christian, wordsmith and a lover of books. She is committed to bringing you, her readers, exciting journeys and uplifting love stories that will touch your hearts. Together with her husband of 40 years, Joy is a passionate believer in the centrality of God in their covenant relationship. Her characters reflect this passion through good times and bad.

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Joy Harding lives in the beautiful state of Minnesota. It’s no accident that her first book, Boundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Belief is set in the north woods of her home state.

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Boundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Belief: Book One in the Boundary Waters Search and Rescue Series

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Trauma surgeon and co-founder of the Boundary Waters Search and Rescue Unit, Jack Lockwood, was beyond frustrated…

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A century blizzard, impassable roads, and gale force winds start Jack’s Monday off the wrong way long before daybreak. To make matters worse, his friend and colleague-the police chief of Ely, Minnesota-orders him to stay home on a morning when the weather virtually guarantees injuries requiring Jack’s skills. Little did he realize that he wouldn’t need to go anywhere to save a life that morning. His next rescue would be in his own front yard, where he finds a half-frozen, gravely injured woman buried in a snowdrift. A woman who needs his help to stay alive long enough to tell her story-why she was out in this kind of weather-bound, battered, and bleeding.

Boundary Waters Search And Rescue: Beyond Imagination: Book Two in the Boundary Waters Search and Rescue Series

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When a chance encounter in the Emergency Room leaves Ely physician Jack Lockwood reeling from the opening of a long-buried wound, he and Liz struggle to cope. Little did they know the sweeping life changes that would come out of their distressed prayers that night. Through the pain of almost forgotten regrets to new joys, their faith leads them on a journey only God could orchestrate. An old foe, unimaginable twists, and deep disappointments challenge both Jack’s and Liz’s faith and their young marriage. Will their love survive strong and intact, or will the pain of the past overcome the promise of the future?

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