Dominique Jones

Dominique Jones is just a girl that wants to share her story to as many people as she can hoping to help just one. Dealing with so much throughout her life, she turned that into a book. She self published her first autobiography called “#DamagedButNotDead” taking you through the journey of her life and just recently published my second book called “Selftalk…But You Can Eavesdrop Too” which are a collection of inspirational quotes she started jotting down during the hardest physical and mental times of her life.

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After having to use a walker at age 22, that developed as a business called “WalkingByDesign” which customizes medical accessories. In a addition I’ve recently opened an online store called “Salve” which promotes her motto “Don’t let the disability fool you”. She’s a business owner with a disability and a fighter with muscle weakness. Don’t let the disability fool you…she contradicts every rule out there!!


I’ve been through so much at a young age that most probably would’ve given up on a long time ago. I want to encourage those who deal with medical challenges that there’s still a future for you. You’re circumstance doesn’t make you, it creates you. Walk in confidence…it looks good on you!

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