Denise Dunham is an avid runner, mom, foster mom, and teacher. She lives in Thailand with her husband Tim, who is a pastor, counselor, and helper of abandoned children. They work in nurturing, educating, and transforming lives.

Denise Dunham told the story of DeeDee at Christmas annually, and finally submitted her manuscript with the story and illustrations already begun. This story is a memoir that happened to her in her childhood. She is a remarkable Capture Books storyteller.

A Perfect Tree: A Story About Anger and a Child’s First Prayer

When DeeDee’s parents move into an oh-so-tiny dollhouse, DeeDee’s winter holiday becomes a spiral of losses. It isn’t that DeeDee isn’t fond of dollhouses, that’s okay, and DeeDee stays cheerful when she is taunted by a classmate. But, when the cunning classmate lies about the present with DeeDee’s name on it, she gets angry. How can she be thankful?

To top it off, dad explains that their new house is too small to set up a holiday tree. In DeeDee’s spiral of disappointments, all is not lost! Surprises are in store when accidents happen.

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For ages 4-6, this splashy story is a read-to-me picture book preparing a child for how to handle feelings of disappointment, loss, and anger.

For ages 6-8, this Christmas tree story is an early reader and makes for a terrific wintery storybook gift, reinforcing the best kind of hope.

Find out, what all the buzz is about. This book is a teaching opportunity.

Early learning

Accidents can be good, loss, anger, school bullies #Ask #Receive Ages 4-6 Ages 6-8

Question: Does God hear me? Does God see me? Will God do anything for me?

Theme: I shall not want is a promise. When kids turn to the Lord with their anger and distress, He is faithful.

B07GXJPXY8- Kindle Edition
1732753601- Paper Back
9780999635353- Hardcover

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