Delphine Paige Kirkland is a Bible teacher, Christian blogger, Christian vlogger and has a women’s jail ministry. Her dream was to become a successful opera singer, but God had other plans. Although her dreams and goals were interrupted, she doesn’t feel like life treated her unfairly. She strongly believes that it was the Will of God and doesn’t regret one moment that her dreams and goals were shattered, because she found a Savior in a way she never would have known.

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Now, Delphine’s goals in life are to keep writing books to encourage, help those struggling on their Christian journey, and win souls for Christ. She is eager to share with the world her story of how she met a God of power and miracles.

She is happily married. She and her husband, Ben, reside in Sweet Water, AL.

Crumbs From The Masters Table

My name is Delphine Kirkland, owner of The Cookie Crumbles. Most people know me as “Cookie Crumbles Cupcakes” on Instagram. I was blessed with praying parents that made sure before I went to bed, I said my prayers. Prayer was one of the most important things in my home, and my mother and father always prayed.

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It was my mother that introduced me to baking. She had all kinds of cookbooks and I would try them, but only the desserts. My grandmother was an inspiring woman. She was positive and she never had a bad thing to say about nobody. She was spiritual, prayerful, and always had an encouraging and inspiring word to tell someone. With these combinations from my parents and grandmother, I pray, bake, and inspires. In this book you will find food for your body and for your spiritual body. I pray that these recipes bless you and your family and the inspirations bless both body and soul.

Hiding God’s Word In My Heart

This book is a rare gem direct from the heart of a woman who has overcome extreme racism in the deep south, prolonged illness, identity crises, isolation, spiritual attacks, and now a global pandemic. Delphine Kirkland invites you into her month to month journey as God ministers to her heart during Covid-19. She shares scriptures that spiritually nurture, encourage, and reinforce the power of God to her heart, mind, and soul. In this book, “Hiding God’s Word in My Heart,” Delphine speaks with raw honesty and a deep faith that can only be the result of a heart steeped in the Word of God.

Just Jesus And Me:
A Three-Year Journey To Divine Healing And Salvation

JUST JESUS AND ME is a book about standing on God’s word, trusting and believing God when others around you doubt your stand. It’s a book on prayer, faith, and courage. You will learn how to conquer and defeat unbearable spiritual and natural obstacles in your life; the pivotal role of praying parents, the essential importance of a prayer warrior, the sincere meaning of divine healing, and experience an unwavering and unconditional love from God.

Family Time With God: 52-Week Devotional For The Family Of All Ages

“Sing!” All it took was playing an imaginary piano on a child’s bedroom window sill to stir up memories of her family’s bible study time with God.

“Family Time with God” is a devotional book designed for adults, teenagers and children. This 52-week short devotional covers a wide range of family and life topics such as:

  • What does it mean to accept God’s word?
  • How to walk faithfully with God in your everyday life.
  • Why is it important to do the right thing?
  • How does God’s Word address tough issues?
  • And so much more!
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Each chapter weaves in memories and lessons from the author’s life. She addresses the importance of cultivating a prayer journey with God as it firms the foundation of one’s family. At the end of each week’s devotion, questions and activities are provided so everyone can lend insight and wisdom.

This detailed devotional is ideal not only for families, but for small group gatherings and individual studies. Definitely a welcome addition to any biblical resource library.

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