A journalism graduate of John Brown University, Charmayne Hafen earned her master’s degree from the Denver Seminary in group counseling, with a special emphasis on helping children. She wrote her middle school trilogy in order to win the hearts of children from the poisonous “whatever” answer to all of life’s mysteries. Her aim is to lead them into the certain knowledge that Someone-with-authority over what happens to them really cares for them. 

The first two stories show each of the protagonists learning to be another’s friend even when life gets mysterious and messy.  The third book leads the same two pre-teen characters into a clearly defined journey of faith, (the land of Twilight, a world between realities of space and time), and that the only person worth their faith is Jesus Christ.

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Charmayne Hafen wrote her book INDEBTED: THE BERKSHIRE DRAGON for teen readers. It deals with the journey of an abandoned princess, blamed for her mother’s disappearance, to the ancient scriptural Jesus who can break the bondage of dragons and nightmares. Great sub-themes include examples of atonement, and being transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. A sequel is on its way. 

Journey To Twilight: Book One

Sam and Lorna’s bike challenge becomes far more than a neighborhood race.

Avid sixth-grade mountain biker, Lorna Wilson, moves to Arizona where she challenges the neighborhood champion to his own bike race. Riding over a cairn at sunset, Lorna surfaces in Twilight, where three impossible tasks are given.

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Lorna Wilson moves to Arizona with her mom and baby brother leaving her dad behind. She begins seeking a way to fit in when a girl knocks on her front door.

Splashing in the pool at Ally’s house, Lorna learns about the bike challenge created by a scar-faced neighborhood legend, Samuel Black. She hears herself boasting that she can take on Sam Black in his own race and win. Lorna’s words quickly come back to bite her.

Although none of the kids will root for the new girl, an ancient cairn opens to the Land of Twilight giving Lorna an opportunity to win anything her heart desires.

This is great kid literature. Must have! Full series is a trilogy.

Illustrations are by award-winning artist, Brianna Osaseri.

Thema: Preteen fantasy, multi-racial, female protagonist; Celtic folklore; cultural; urban; purpose; sixth-grade; wilson; Jamaican; African American; Irish; ages 9-12; chapter book; avid biker; racer; mountain bike. trail bikes. new school; child of divorce; hard decisions; coming of age; conflicts; new friendship; importance of quality good tall tales; cairn mystery; suspense; upside-down; a challenge; creative solutions, longing, teen issues, suspense, action-adventure, shamrock, leprechaun, three tasks

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Return To Twilight: Book Two

Book Two of the Land of Twilight Trilogy

Seventh-grade Lorna struggles with the meaning of “friend” like, how to be one, how to choose one, and how to keep one.

Lorna rejects her dad, tricks her mom, and turns her back on the ethereal Land of Twilight. She even turns from her best friend, Sam, in favor of gaining the attention of Jenny, a new girl in the neighborhood. Lorna sheds her generous personality, as she learns to steal and hide. As life spirals downward, she pretends to enjoy her seventh-grade year in Crestwood, Arizona. It has to be Sam’s turn to do what true friends do. But, everything he tries turns to mush.

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GET THIS cliff-hanging sequel! For readers, age 9-13, who enjoy Celtic mythology and busting the dust in the Arizona desert with a best friend.


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Trouble In Twilight: Book Three

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Book Three of the Land of Twilight Trilogy. How can the most colorful world in the universe turn hapless and gray?! That’s what mystifies Sam and Lorna.

Falling from the Land of Twilight, Trix shows up at the discarded camper shell in the Arizona desert where Sam and Lorna are making plans.

Trix and Melvin begin weaving their own lives into the Land of Realtime repaying Lorna and Sam for interweaving theirs with the Land of Twilight. How can the four friends unravel themselves?

Then, things take a bad turn. A tragic accident forces Sam to again realize that life can change suddenly. Now he and Lorna must rethink what in life is most important to them. History, philosophy, and faith enter the scene through interdimensional time travel.

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The Land of Twilight Trilogy is filled with adventure and supernatural elements for readers. With its relatable characters and fast-moving plot, themes such as a child building a relationship with an estranged parent and how strangers who offer truth can help Sam and Lorna discover their priorities. As Sam faces unbearable consequences, he learns the bonds of true friendship and personal truth are real. Readers are given not only an interesting story filled with allegorical elements but are challenged to think about their own ideas of reality and meaning.

A swelling ending for this chapter book series for.ages 9-12. Fantastical, multi-dimensional faith and friendship feature while visiting ancient history. Lorna and Sam visit philosophers in their quest in metaphysical spell-binding, time-travel where wonders of adventure await.


“The Land of Twilight Trilogy is filled with the adventure and supernatural elements that young readers enjoy. With its relatable characters and fast-moving plot, it is appropriate for middle-grade students. Though the book does deal with themes such as divorce and physical accidents, the underlying theme is centered on friendship. As Sam faces the consequences of a tragic accident, he learns how strong the bonds of true friendship and personal truth are real. Young readers are given not only an interesting story filled with allegorical elements but are challenged to think about their own ideas of friendship and sacrifice.” – Kat Kennedy, US Book Review

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Indebted: The Berkshire Dragon

Though a king is prone to forget his daughter, to abandon her to her own devices in his castle, at the very least revealed a fault in stewardship. Yet, the king favored conquests that required his person far away.

Little did he know, things were about to change; the princess had matured. She found muscle and companions.

Spirited fans flattered and fawned over the mysterious Wren, bringing her gifts, but were they attracted to her skill or her need? She knew she should have kept her own counsel. With so much attention, her greatest strength turned into nightmarish bondage.

Treachery confronts the princess with a task so impossible, she will need something far beyond her own strength to carry her through. Will she be able to win her quest for freedom or be forever indebted?

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“The story is emotionally gripping and pulls the reader along from Wren at puberty to full womanhood. This plot of INDEBTED lies among the best stories that grab our emotions and don’t let go.” – BOOKS FOR BONDING HEARTS

This title was purchased by avid readers of Andrew Peterson, Veronica Roth, Ted Dekker, Suzanne Collins, J.R.R. Tolkein, and Stephen Lawhead. INDEBTED is Charmayne Hafen’s debut novel.

As a young adult/new adult myth, INDEBTED is fringed with scary angels and ghosts as Wren finds herself coming into her own authority. Her spirit must negotiate the maze of sorcery, magic, and a peasant-eating dragon before she recognizes light and the power of love.
Readers’ Favorite Reviewers – Peggy Jo Wipf

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