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Why Are The Voices Always Negative? by David Lee Chu Sarchet

A common question I normally get asked when I tell people about my hallucinations and delusions is: Why are they always so negative?

This question used to haunt me for the longest time. I did not have a good answer for these people. There are not many articles explaining this. And the few videos on YouTube that I have found offer secular explanations with secular ways to deal with them.

The so-called “Christian” explanations always resorted to saying they are demonic, which is a belief the Bible adamantly opposes. I was going to just give up on ever knowing how to properly answer the question, but I just kept thinking about it anyway.

  • The first part of this blog, I will explain the two different reasons why someone with schizophrenia and/or bipolar could suffer with negative voices or delusions.
  • Then, in the second part of the blog, I will share with you my hallucinations and delusions.
  • Finally, in the third part, I will share what helps me with dealing with them in the hopes that they will help you too. 

Causes For Negative Voices: 

Like I said, I could not find very much source material concerning this topic. However, what I assume it comes down to is religious and cultural background.

Please allow me to elaborate.

It has been a proven fact that we are all products of our cultural and religious upbringing. For example, here in America, we are trained to focus on ourselves and doing what makes us happy. I have heard it once said that this is a very “me-focused” society. And because of this we are riddled with self-esteem issues.

We sometimes tend to be our own worst enemy.

The voices could simply be a manifestation of our inward thoughts about ourselves.

The other possible reason is cultural. I think one’s surrounding culture can determine if and when you hallucinate and even about what. For example, did you know that while Americans with schizophrenia report hearing voices who tell them negative things, however people in other parts of the world have reported that their voices are in fact overwhelmingly positive?

In certain cultural contexts, some people with schizophrenia are seen as having a special connection with the “spiritual realm” and these people are given much honor and respect. In traditional Chinese culture, people with schizophrenia have been seen as being able to communicate with one’s dead ancestors. 

What are my hallucinations and delusions: 

My hallucinations and delusions seem to be religious in nature. I usually hear them during moments at church service, in group Bible study, and prayer meetings too. I tend to hear a couple different voices, but they are always telling me the same things. The voices are always telling me that I am God, that people are worshiping me, and that people are praying to me.

These are basically what I hear at certain times during the week and most of the time I can ignore them. But sometimes they are so loud that I cannot ignore them. It is during those times that I must remove myself from the setting until they calm down. 

How I combat the hallucinations and delusions: 

First off, I would like to say the most important way to deal with hallucinations and delusions is by going to your psychiatrist and getting on medication or having your medication adjusted. There is no shame in seeking professional help for your mental health.

The Lord has blessed psychiatrists and psychologists with the common grace blessings of wisdom and knowledge to understand the human mind enough to know how to treat various mental illnesses. You may have to work with your psychiatrist and go through a lot of trial and error before finding the right medication for you, but be patient and always be in prayer as you cooperate with your psychiatrist.

Now, the other things that have helped me deal with my hallucinations and delusions are mainly spiritual disciplines but I think they will help you too.

These disciplines are: 

1) Prayer—

This helps me remember that I am not God by keeping me humble. When I pray, I am admitting that I am a frail, weak, and finite human being.

We are utterly dependent on the infinite God for our very sustenance and existence. 

2) Remind myself of my sin—

I have found that in my situation when my voices start telling me that I am God, it does help me when I remind myself of how much of a wretched sinner I am. The reason this helps is because God is holy, righteous, and good and therefore sin, evil, and corruption is not in Him nor can it be in His presence. 

This we need to be careful with because it is true that for those who are in Christ Jesus, we are new creations who have been washed whiter than snow and God has cast our sins as far as the east is from the west and He no longer remembers our sins anymore.

3) Remind myself of who God is—

Whenever I hear the voices telling me that I am God, I have found that it helps me to remember the attributes of what makes God who He is.

God is omniscient (all-knowing) and I am not. God is omnipotent (all-powerful and can ordain everything that comes to pass) and I am not. God is omnibenevolent (all-good) and I am not. God is also omnipresent (all-present or present everywhere at once) and I am not. Furthermore, God is the Sovereign ruler over all of creation and I don’t rule anything. 

4) Remind myself that God’s word defines reality—

This is the most important lesson I have had to learn over the years. The Holy Bible, as our sole authority for life and godliness, is what defines reality. Our personal experiences, thoughts, opinions, cultures, religious affiliation, political affiliation, family, or anything does not define reality. The fear of God is indeed the beginning of wisdom and fools despise wisdom. When you have a healthy fear of God, only then are you truly sane. 

I hope you have found this blog helpful and insightful and edifying for you or your loved ones. Even if you don’t struggle with hearing voices that tell you you are God, these tips can still help you tremendously if you apply the principles to your specific situation. I thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that the grace of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will richly bless you all! 

-David Lee Chu Sarchet 

Christian Mental Health Advocate 

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