Waiting At The Sliprails

Waiting at the Sliprails: Love and Forgiveness Break Through (The Convict Stain Collection)

The Bathurst Road 1830s

A Convict’s Tale

Bea Dawes’s term of conviction nears an end, and she has few options other than marriage to a stranger or going on the street.

Jack Barnes, the hired drover, wants a wife. Bea accepts his offer; then she discovers that he could be gone for months, leaving her alone with Billy and Netty, part of the tribe of aborigines who live on his secluded farm. Bea learns to love her husband and also this wonderful aboriginal couple.

Drought ravages the farm, and Jack must hit the long paddock with the flock. In his absence, a visitor arrives, destroying everything she has worked so hard for.

Can Bea cope? Will the drought ever end? And when will Jack return?

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By Michael Furlonger

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