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Molded by John W. Vander Velden                         

It occurred to me the other day how much I have been shaped by life itself.  For it seems the things I have faced, the good and the bad, the easy and the difficult, have had a profound effect on who I am…or more correctly what I have become.  I would never say I enjoyed the difficulties I have faced, the dark days, the very hard times.  Perhaps others would be affected differently, but each of these things has left its mark…a mark I feel…a mark I will wear all the days of my life.

Do I regret having to deal with these things I certainly did not choose to face…to face out of obligation or need?  The answer is no!!!  I have faced extreme pain and disappointment, both physically and emotionally.  I have grit my teeth and faced them.   Took a deep breath and faced them.  Done my best…often failed…but faced them.  They say what does not kill you makes you stronger, of this I am not certain, for these thing have severely wounded me.

What About Others?

What of others, are they also molded by those around them?  I would suspect all but the most insensitive are.  Perhaps those so caught up in themselves, building for themselves their own personal universe…remain untouched.  Those untouchables are the ones I pity.  Those too busy to see…to feel.  Those with hard hearts that are beyond the tears of a child.  But all the others, how much does the pain and tragedy of life around theirs affect them.  Only they would know…providing they take time to examine themselves…and not everyone does.

The things I have faced are not so unusual.  They are not things none others have dealt with.  Achievements…joys…disappointments…and loss…things that make up everyone’s life.  These things make me who I am.  It molds me into what I have become, with all my faults and weaknesses.  I believe GOD is making me into the person I am to be.  By feeling…caring…doing…though wounded…beaten down…nearly shattered at times…I am becoming a better person…molded…shaped by life…shaped by GOD.  I remember who I am…GOD’s child.  It is my place to care…to feel…and most certainly to try…even if those tries result in utter failures…to open myself up to become vulnerable to personal pain and through it personal growth.

I have been shaped by life itself…I am molded….thank GOD!!! 

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