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In Part 2 of Michael Furlonger’s Is It Sinful? series, Michael confesses that he knowingly cheats on his wife. After he says, “I like to cheat on my wife,” be sure to listen as he explains that, as Christians, we aren’t only to “believe” in Jesus Christ, but be faithful to him.

In his book, God: The Master of Sin and Satan the Beautiful, Michael shares the conclusion of his journey of faith. What is sin? Why is it sinful? What’s Satan up to during all of this God smiting the earth?

In Is It Sinful? series, Michael will open up the Bible as he discusses the important role of addressing sin. In Is It Sinful part 2, Michael carefully explains that Belief and Faith are two different things: Even though he believes he is married to his wife, doesn’t mean he can be unfaithful.

Not shying away from his own battles with sin, Michael Furlonger opens up, pouring out his own heart on sins.

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By Michael Furlonger

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