Britt Nelson

Britt Nelson is a columnist, former newspaper reporter, photographer, editor, novelist, playwright and poet currently living in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.

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Britt Nelson began writing political commentaries for the Costa Rica Star News in February 2016. He proceeded to write and publish 357 right-wing political essays before turning his attention to other projects in 2019.

He relocated to Costa Rica in 2011 from Florida, where he retired as co-Executive Editor for the Palatka Daily News – owned by the New York Times Regional Newspaper Group.

Bambi Angelina: Costa Rica’s #1 Hooker

I still find it hard to believe this spectacular story of redemption from ‘skin and sin’ just fell into my lap bit by bit with trust earned. Slowly this amazing woman revealed herself to me. She wanted her story told without recognition or reward. Her words of wisdom are directed to all the working girls in Costa Rica and around the world – no matter what you think about the world’s oldest profession — there is pain behind the glamour, there is damage behind the dollars. Her words are also directed at disrespectful cheating men on the prowl.

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This old burned out, washed up reporter living the dream as a beach bum in Costa Rica was still up to the task. Throughout this story, for illustrative purposes only, are beautiful eyes lifted from photographs of the most gorgeous Latina models known to walk the Earth. Their identities are a secret as well. Their eyes are her eyes.

Blue Green With White

Blue Green With White (Collected Poems – 1957 to 2018)

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Bambi Angelina Trailer

Bambi Angelina Movie Teaser by Britt Nelson

Author Britt Nelson’s book Bambi Angelina: Costa Rica’s #1 Hooker is making waves to become a movie. Check out Bambi Angelina movie teaser. Watch the teaser trailer below: Click Here To Read More By Britt Nelson Try Audible Premium Plus and Get Up to Two Free Audiobooks