Learning Balance With Karate Kid

You know…………..I’ve been watching Cobra Kai lately, and because of that, also the entire Karate Kid series. I included Part 3, and usually, you couldn’t pay enough me money to watch that.

Upon watching Cobra Kai, there’s a scene in the show that stands out to me. It’s a scene where Daniel goes to Mr. Miyagi’s grave, in the scene, he admits that he let his anger get the best of him. He also wondered if Mr. Miyagi went through the same thing, and wished he was alive. When he gets to his car, it cuts to a scene in the first Karate Kid movie, about balance. About how when you are weighed down by anger and bitterness, you have to search deep inside and look for the good in your life. When you find that balance, life will get better. Balance is needed for all aspects of your life, and this is a lesson you will go at head on for the rest of your life.


Like Daniel, I’ve found myself letting my anger and depression get the best of me. Focusing on one part of my life, and neglecting the other parts. Letting my anger towards certain people affect my decisions. Dwelling on the fact that I’m turning 20-10 in 6 months, and forgetting that I have a life. Being too indecisive about whether I want to be alone or be around people. Being too occupied with figuring out how to leave my current church, and planning out which one to go to when everything with COVID gets better. But forgetting to do the one thing I am suppose to do as a child of God, and have a relationship with him.

I wish I can say I have the answers, but the truth is I’m lost, and I know some of y’all feel that way. What I can do is be thankful I have a Heavenly Father that I can lean to when I’m lost. He always guided to where I needed to be, and I’m sure he will continue to do that.

And to those, like me, who are lost, I encourage you to do the same thing I’m gonna do. Seek God, cause when you seek God, he will help you find the balance that you need in your life.

“Never put Passion in front of Principle, even if you win, you lose”-Mr. Miyagi

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