Feeling Overwhelmed

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? by Karin Thompson

I don’t know about you, but I have found the last few years challenging and even hard. Covid-19 indeed has a lot to do with that. But I want to encourage you, no matter what storms are raging around you, you don’t have to have a storm going on inside you. All the help you will need is inside you! Think about that! Help is so close. Answers to questions, direction, and advice you will ever need are inside your spirit. The Holy Spirit is your guide, and He wants to show you what to do, where to go and what direction to go in.
You might ask,

Why is it so hard to find this information?

The enemy of our faith, the devil, will keep you busy all the time. He doesn’t even mind if it is being busy for God. As long as you don’t have an effective prayer life and Bible reading time, he’s happy.

With all the devices and information constantly thrown at us daily, our heads are full of worldly knowledge. There is a constant form of noise going on all the time. Getting quiet before God needs to be a daily habit that you fight to do. Many things will demand your attention, but spending time with our heavenly father should be your top priority.

Sit in a comfortable chair. Concentrate on your breathing, sense your breath flowing through your body, feel your stomach moving up and down. I have found this helps me concentrate and stop the thoughts in my head.

As you concentrate on your breathing, you will start to hear God’s voice speak to you. Not audible, but in your spirit. Listen with your spiritual ears. Words will come to you, thoughts, direction, and advice.

Write them down and meditate on them. Practice this daily. Soon you will have more clarity about your life, and hope will arise in you again. There are answers in the silence. Even if you hear nothing, the presence of God will lift you up.

Never be too busy for God time. It is your daily bread!
God Bless,

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One thought on “Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? by Karin Thompson”
  1. Love this article Karin.

    I was in contact with someone who tested positive for the first time since this began and it was overwhelming. I had done a great deal to make sure I didn’t have contact but no matter what we do we will come in contact with someone who tests positive at one time or another.

    So I had my 10 minute breakdown then moved on. Jesus is in control of all of this and He will do with me what He wishes for my own good. That I can stake my life on and that I can be at peace with.

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