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Karin Thompson is the author of two books: My Journey To Enjoying Life and Encouragement For The Weary Soul. Both books offer encouragement through the hard times.

My Journey To Enjoying My Life

My journey to enjoying my life is a heartfelt, dynamic true-life story of Karin. This must-read book details the events of her early childhood abuse and her struggles with the feeling of being unloved, and the fears that developed from her fight to just be normal.

Karin Thompson takes you on a dynamic journey of how she dealt with the emotional pain of abuse, how God healed her broken heart and made her whole again. She will take you on a step by step journey dealing with every aspect of how to take back your life. How to overcome addictive behaviour patterns and find peace in your life again.

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This book outlines the truth from God’s Word about who you are and how to be free from your past. It is a practical, easy-to-read, step by step book which will enhance every reader’s walk with God and aid with the internal healing so desperately needed by abused people.

Encouragement For The Weary Soul

Are you discouraged? Could you do with a Pep talk? Then this book is for you. Do you feel like giving up? Maybe you are experiencing weariness and ‘spiritual burnout.’ Are you like a wounded soldier needing some R & R? Help is on the way.

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Find healing, hope, and inspiration in this collection of encouraging words for Weary Souls. Prayers and Scriptures that offer help and support as you overcome the situations you face. You do not have to live your life worn out and confused. As you study God’s Word, your questions will be answered. There is comfort for tomorrow. You will want to read this book over and over to find peace amidst your negative circumstances.

Throughout these pages, discover encouragement and strength to carry on.

This is the perfect book for Christians looking for straight forward answers.

An uplifting read you can turn to again and again during tough times.


The Proposal

A poignant novel about family, marriage, forgiveness and love.
What would you do if you married into a divided family? A family that had the mother from hell running it!

Derek’s proposal might be exactly what Emily needs…
After an ex left her high and dry, Emily is done with men. After all, falling for a con man left her with more than a broken heart, an empty bank account, and trust issues. Her car’s wrecked, bills are piling up, and the stress of debt collectors leave her sure that things can’t get worse.

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A night out is just what the doctor orders.

But when she bumps into Derek Du Preez, the wealthy son of the owner of the company she works for, she instinctively knows it’s time to escape. But he reels her in with a proposal, one that’ll solve all her problems. Or will it?


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