“Working Out With Mike”

Chapter 1: Carbs Are My Enemy

Just kidding… This isn’t a book. I just thought, as opposed to Point 1, Chapter 1 would be an attention grabber.

Have you ever noticed how everything you enjoy is bad? Carbs- bread, pizza, sugar- all bad.

My wife and I have been trying to be more conscious of what we eat as my wife is diabetic. She has definitely seen a difference in her mental alertness when she goes without a lot of heavy carbs. Definitely something to consider.

My wife and I watched this documentary called Fat Fiction on Amazon Prime. It discusses how the common food pyramid, which encourages a heavy carb base diet, is flawed. Definitely check it out.

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Chapter 2: I Like To Snack

Ok… Seriously. If I’m not active, I like to snack. Taste wise, I prefer potato chips or Sweetish Berries (I’ll share an alternative below), which is a big jump between sweet or salty. But as I’m trying to be healthy, on a modified Keto diet with my wife, I have a bowl of mini carrots to snack on. And, truthfully, it’s not so much the taste, but texture: I like the crunch.

Chapter 3: Sugar Is Bad

As it turns out, carrots have “natural sugar” in them. I try to modify my snacking to something more healthy, and guess what? Natural Sugar is supposedly also bad.

Sugar turns into a carb. Carb turns into fat. And fat turns into shame (sad face).

Chapter 4: Moderation

My father told me that life (all things in life) is about moderation.

It’s ok to have a “cheat” day. That’s what any trainer that I’ve ever had has said. “It’s ok to have a popcorn at the movie theatre. It’s ok to have a donut, or slice of pizza, or… whatever on occasion.”

I hate cheat days because they ruin my progress. It’s like the potato chip commercial says, “I bet you can’t eat just one.”

For me, I have to either fully commit or not at all.

Chapter 5: Eat What You Want! Look And Feel Great!

On popular demand, I have been asked to share a on how to eat what you want and look and feel great. So hear it is.

My wife and I have been taking these Keto pills on and off since February. This has helped boost our metabolism as we are unable to get out of the house considering the COVID.

This is definitely helpful. If you have any health problems, perhaps talk to a doctor before using.

Chapter 6: Snack Alternative

My alternative to Sweedish Berries are called Smart Sweets. They taste quite similar and drastically less calorie count (80 Cal/ 50 grams Smart Sweets vs 140 Cal/ 39 gram Sweedish Berries).

Definitely something to look at. The price is a bit more than a single pack at the Dollar Store, but considering I only eat them while watching a movie, it’s definitely less than a bag of candy at the theatre. (SHHH!)

Chapter 7: The Routine

I did an interview with my friend, Farr (you can find it on the YouTube page or search my blogs). From that, I was contacted about sharing my faith and my workout routine with Christian Women Living.

My Christian Women Living Interview HERE

In the interview post, I share that I was hit by a car as a child. It caused brain damage, I was in a coma, I had to relearn to walk and talk, and more.

I explained that I don’t have a “huge” workout routine. I’m not a huge body builder. For me, working out is more or less just about staying active. As a teenager, I would walk for miles because I was told that I can’t. And that’s sometimes the basis of “Working Out With Mike” is all about. Keep the body active and do things that are difficult.

I hope that this blog post is helpful to you.

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