Author Ron Clark

Being a pharmacist, I’ve had a keen interest in the spread of COVID-19 and the rapid, and all too fast, development of the ‘so-called’ vaccine. I admire all of the President’s efforts during this time, however, I have reservations about the reporting of cases and deaths blamed on COVID and the new method used to induce the human body to generate the antibodies that protect us from the disease.

Many reports are on file concerning the overreporting of COVID cases and deaths. Make no mistake, infections can be serious and deadly, but no more so than influenza. That’s a fact, not a conspiracy theory. We are way beyond correcting any of these numbers.

Covid Vaccine

As for the ‘vaccine’, it is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy no matter what the so-called experts say. A true vaccine contains broken-up pieces of the virus that were grown in chicken eggs. These pieces, when injected into the body, activate the body’s natural immune system to produce antibodies that kill the virus.

What Is Gene Therapy?

This gene therapy involves the creation of mRNA (messenger RNA) that is injected into the body and is carried to the cells by a modified virus or bacteria, Simply, the mRNA penetrates the cell and attaches itself to the cell’s DNA and programs it to produce the little spike part of the COVID-19 virus. When the immune system recognizes this virus portion it is supposed to generate antibodies that prevent the Covid-19 from attaching to the cells and infecting them. This sounds good and it may well work just as it is described.

My personal concern is the lack of testing in human volunteers and the short duration of the studies that have been done. We are now seeing reports of deaths and severe reactions of people after they have received the injection. To date I haven’t seen any definitive reports about causative factors or coroner autopsies. Medical experts just don’t know anything about the long term effects of this new gene therapy.

On a more personal note, there is a particular factor that has convinced me to forgo receiving the injection. This is in fact gene therapy and that means my genetic makeup will be altered, temporarily or permanently is still in debate.

God made me the way I am and I have no desire to tell Him that He made a mistake. Activating a natural immune response is one thing, but creating immunity via gene therapy is another.

No thank you.

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David and Goliath by Ron Clark

Author Ron Clark

The story of David and Goliath is such a part of our culture. We often compare our problems to the story.

1 Samuel 17:1-58

Please note that David was not much more than a teenager and he was often ridiculed by his older brothers.  The soldiers around him looked down on him as just an in-experienced kid and didn’t take him seriously.  While most of us are well past our teen years, our bad decisions may cause our friends and families to look down on us.

However, David had two things that no one else had that day.  He had faith and courage. 

David did not have his courage just because his big brother ridiculed him, he stood up for himself because he knew that he was in the right.  When David was called before the King, he again kept the faith. He showed just how brave he was in the face of complete authority.

Finally, David faced the giant with just five stones (Goliath had four brothers) and a sling. Even though everyone else was trying to find the biggest rock to hide behind. 

David never took credit for his courage or his previous acts of bravery. He gave the credit to God and rightly so.

David knew that God created him, brave and strong so he could face any enemy who threatened his people or blasphemed the name of the Living God of Israel.

There Are Times That We Must Stand Up

There are times that we must stand up and be counted on the side of right and righteousness.  If we have faith in God and depend on Him for strength and courage, He will never fail us.  Like David we must step out after making the proper preparations such as gathering the five stones (Goliath had brothers and David might need to fight more Philistines).

With God as our strength and counselor, each of us can be the family leader, parent, and citizen He intends for us to be.

With all of the social divisiveness in our nation today, each of us may be called upon to defend our opinions and positions on certain issues, and that may seem frightening. However, by using the Bible to form and shape our world view, we have a solid foundation upon which we can stand and defend our stand against any giant.

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Israel’s Treasure by Ron Clark

Israel's Treasure

Israel’s Treasure (Paperback Copy)

What happened to the Ark of the Covenant and the other holy relics from the Jewish Temple? They aren’t listed in any conquering nation’s inventory.

An ancient letter written by the prophet Jeremiah gives a clue and leads Josh Winslow and his best friend, Caleb O’Connell, on a dangerous search for the Jewish Tabernacle and the articles of worship it once contained. If it is found it may open the floodgates of Jewish immigration into Israel from around the world.

Will the dark forces of a new world order and Islam end their lives to prevent this discovery? Only the God of Israel can ensure their success.

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The Seasons of Life

round gold colored pocket watch

The Seasons Of Life

This morning I was reminded of Ecclesiastes 3, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under Heaven…” It occurs to me there is also a time to change and a time to remain the same.

My wife and I are discussing a return to a city from which we moved, the reasons for which I won’t go into at this time. However, a part of our conversation was the need to dispose of our accumulated ‘stuff’. My wife has always been one to rid herself of items she hasn’t used in some time, and I am a pack rat. If I have something that might be useful ten years down the road, I keep it. When it comes to my keepsakes, I’m even more of a keeper.

Well, the days of us buying a large house are long gone because I’m now retired, and we are empty nesters. How much room do two people actually need? In order to downsize, some things just have to go and my pack rat tendencies must change. “A time to keep and a time to throw away…” ECC. 3:6 is a biblical directive I must now adopt as a way of life. It’s not easy.

Glory to God, He has provided well for us and His word is constantly full of wisdom and direction. I must put my trust in Him and change along with the changes in life that come no matter how hard we fight them. Control is not in our hands, control ultimately belongs to God for our best benefit. May His blessings flow.

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