In these troubling times, people are struggling: emotionally, relationally, and financially. He began the Spirit Of The Prophets sub-series to help people get truth from the Word of God from the prophets who struggled and wrestled in much the same way we do.

The Spirit Of The Prophets is the opening (sub-series) of the Revive Us Again series. The Revive Us Again is a focus on how we go about a true revival according to Jesus Christ.

Revive Us Again series will take the root teachings of Jesus Christ from his Sermon on the Mount. The Spirit Of The Prophet sub-series focus comes from Matthew 5:1-11 and, from there, we read about the heart and attitude of many great prophets.

What Is Revive Us Again series- 0:20
Jesus Christ’s Sermon On The Mount (Matthew 5v1-11)- 0:50 (
Sub-series called “Spirit Of The Prophets”- 2:18
Michael Explains the Beatitudes Inline with the “Spirit Of The Prophets”- 3:09

Elijah-Prophet #1- 4:55 (

Jonah- Prophet #2- 12:50 (

Ezekiel- Prophet #3- 22:51

Isaiah- Prophet #4- 25:11 (

Jeremiah- Prophet #5- 27:46 (

Amos (The Fig-Nicker)- Prophet #6- 31:25 (

Anna- Prophet #7- 35:25 (

John The Baptist- Prophet #8- 38:58 (

False Prophets- 43:33
a) Jesus’ Warning (Matthew 7v15-20)- 43:55 (
b) False Prophets (Micah 2v6-11) – 45:08 (
c) The Slave Girl (Acts 16v16-18)- 46:57 (
d) Michael’s Final Thoughts- 49:17
Purpose Of The Prophets- 49:46 (
Michael’s Reasoning, Final Thoughts & Prayer- 53:03
Shorter Videos Below:
Abel (
Deborah (
Moses (
Apostle Paul’s Desire To Be Present With The Lord

Michael’s Book Is Not Related To The Spirit Of The Prophet sub-series or Revive Us Again series.

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