Shane War-Rose

Shane War-Rose is a fantasy writer using creative and captivating stories to show of God’s mercy and love.

Books Include:

The Isles of Golgotha

The Isles Of Golgotha

Zenais lived harmonously with his brother Sem. But after being deceived by a malevolent spirit named “The Disgraced,” he does the unthinkable. He is then punished by the Deity Lord Eden to spend the rest of his life as the most vile creature. A dragon. His transgression and wrongful blame causes his home to sink into the ocean and is forced to find a new home. Azalea, along with her family, takes up residence on an empty beach. She constantly worries about her cousin Kairi who lives in one of five different villages, each cursed based on their specific vices. Another problem arises with the arrival with a large crimson-scaled beast that arrives on the shore near her home. She notices that the creature takes an interest in her. But will she accept him with or without the “Guinevere Spark”?

Heaven No More

Dear readers, if you’re reading this, then my message has reached you. The era from which my story occurs is far or near yours. Christianity has successfully influenced over much of my world. However, our utopia is under siege by an atheist guerrilla group called the Open Eyes. They eventually learn that one of the founding members of our society has created the greatest invention of the age—the time machine. What they plan to use it on is unknown. But I, Cally Harborfield of the Cherubim law enforcement will stop their dastardly goal.

The Komodon Queen

Zenais begins his relationship with Azalea’s cousin, Kairi. The two live in blissful solace. But when the reigning king requests two tributes from each village in Golgotha, Kairi is abducted along with Azalea. Will Zenais save her, or will the king’s wishes keep them separated?

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