Before one realizes it another year has gone by

Did I present my body as a living sacrifice 

Holy and acceptable to God, so merciful

Was my worship even remotely spiritual

Have I inadvertently conformed to this world

Was I unwilling to be transformed by the living Word

Is it too late to ask for renewal of my mind

How can I discern God’s will, perfect and fine

Did I not often think of myself so highly

Have I enough faith to live righteously 

Did I neglect to use the gifts God gave me

Was my service only for my own glory

Is my love genuine, do I abhor all that is sin

Do I honor others with brotherly affection 

Have I been slothful in zeal, weak in spirit

Do I rejoice in hope, in trials remain patient

Was I ever driven to my knees in ceaseless prayer

Did I contribute to anyone’s needs or even care

How often did I curse those who persecuted me

Did I ever weep with the sorrowful who weep

Do I rejoice in celebration with those who rejoice 

Would I live in harmony given the choice

Am I proud and so wise in my own sight

Do I repay evil for evil instead of what is right

If it depends on me would I live peaceably with all

How often have I sought vengeance, I cannot recall

Would I feed my enemy if I knew he was hungry 

Would I offer him living water to drink if thirsty

Good news! A new day is dawning! Rejoice! Hope is ever alive!

Christ Jesus died for our sins on the Cross and He did indeed arise!

He is the living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God the Father! 

May the Savior King reign in our renewed hearts now and forever!

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Romans 12:12 ESV

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