Do we, the people of God, realize the power of prayer and believing? The ‘believing’ part is God’s power to do anything. Prayers aligned to His desire can be prayed with confidence of being ‘called into being’. Apart from God we can do nothing. It’s humbling to consider.

Social media contains an assortment of posts declaring what to do and what not do if you call yourself Christian. There are also posts condemning those calling themselves Christian in a claim they are doing what God says not to do. Of course, followers of Jesus should want to do as God says; but we don’t always do what we know is right in His sight. Romans 7 is still our concern. Hence, the deliberate twisting of the words of others in attempt to fit them into a false narrative with intent to discount the entire person is nothing short of wrong. God has not ordained anyone to place a judgement of hell upon someone else, as if to declare knowing WHAT is in their heart. We should discern evil, resist evil along with its temptations, and speak out against evil, but to judge another as described goes against Scripture. 1 Corinthians 13:12 tells us for now all see dimly. And herein lies understanding of the power of prayer. Praying for those we see doing the things God said is sin, more importantly, being open to our own. Humbling is to allow the Holy Spirit to expose our wrongdoings and desiring He change us. If our bodies are the temple of God, surrender to His word will be to our advantage. And, as always, we are to pray for one another who may not yet see what they do and that are contrary to what God says.


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