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No Time To Despair by Andrea Marino

A common phrase runs through the book of Judges of the Israelites ‘doing what was evil in the Lord’s sight’. They abandoned God when time after time He performed miracles, delivering them from the oppression of their enemies.

Human nature hasn’t changed.

There are consequences for pushing God out of our affairs, as there are consequences for allowing others to do so. Over the years, unawares or not, Christians have appeased those offended by God, and in so doing have compromised the truth.

So, is it any surprise that God is allowing us to see the extent of evil going on that we have missed?

God is good all of the time; and exposing the works of darkness is a good thing. We, His people, need to embrace the rising up in the authority of Jesus Christ (Mark 16:18).

This is the time of History we are in; and God is protecting us as we ‘live, move, and have our being’ grounded in the Lord and His truths (Acts 17:28). I see God’s permissive will in allowing evil to run its course as a wake-up call for the lost, as well as to us who follow Jesus.

Too many Christians (myself included) are growing weary and depressed in these trying days of living under the power of those under a strong delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:10, 11; Romans 1:21, 22). Clinging tightly to the truth is a must; for much is at stake and many lives still hang in the balance.

When Jesus cast out a demon, some in the crowd believed His power was from Satan (Luke 11:15). How easy it is today to entertain that lie as we focus on things seen.

While many in high places have ‘sold out’ to the god of this world for fortune and fame, let us not worry or give in to discouragement. Our God has already won the battle between good and evil. One day soon, He will head of the world’s Government (Isaiah 9:6). Knowing the truth that Jesus reigns now and forever makes my heart glad.

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