Devoted follower of the Son of Man

Faithful since Jesus’ ministry began

Humbly serving others day after day

Never pursuing the world’s accolades 

A changed heart molded by God’s grace

Seeking after the truth to finish life’s race

Witness our crucified Savior on Calvary

Rejoice in His resurrection on bended knee 

Chosen to replace Judas after Christ’s ascension 

Prayerfully numbered with the apostles eleven

Called to ministry to share the Gospel story

Mercifully redeemed for God’s ultimate glory!

“So one of the men who have accompanied us during all the time that the Lord Jesus went in and out among us, beginning from the baptism of John until the day when he was taken up from us—one of these men must become with us a witness to his resurrection.”

Acts 1:21-22 ESV

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