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“He Removes Kings And Establishes Kings” (Daniel 2:21)

No explanation is required for our current post-election situation with one Presidential candidate claiming victory and the other challenging the validity of the votes. Who’s right and who’s wrong? That may seem to be the paramount question, but is it really?

The one and only question is really, who is God going to appoint to be President of the United States?

It is He who changes the times and the epochs;
He removes kings and establishes kings (Dan 2:21b)

That’s right, up to this point in time, the voice of God, the will of God has not been made manifest.

Many incidents of voter fraud have been reported, such as these listed in an email from Liberty Foundation:
  • Buffalo, NY – A US Postal worker was arrested at the Canadian border with a carload of undelivered ballots.
  • In Texas– A social worker who has been charged with 134 felony counts of election fraud for illegally registering and voting for disabled people in her care without their knowledge or consent.
  • Las Vegas, NV – A trove of completed ballots were found in the trash can of St. Anne’s Church, which had been a polling place a few days before. All but one of the discarded ballots was marked for Trump.
  • Las Vegas, NV – A postal worker was caught on film giving ballots to a journalist instead of election officials.
  • Clark County, NV– An election official has signed an affidavit stating that voters could vote without any identification whatsoever.
  • Traverse City, MI– Undercover videos show postal employees conspiring to commit large-scale voter fraud.
  • Antrim County, MI– A computer “glitch” changed 6,000 Trump votes to Biden votes.
  • Erie, PA- A postal employee has agreed to testify regarding a Postmaster’s scheme to fraudulently backdate the late ballots.
  • Buck County, PA– Videos show ballots thrown in the trash.
  • And these are just a handful of the new, credible and well-documented examples of election fraud that have come in over the last 24 hours… and more keep coming! 

Can enough evidence be collected to force the disqualification of hundreds of thousands of votes?

Why is God allowing such a travesty to occur?

Why does it seem that the cheaters seem to be winning? Maybe they will win, but if they win it will serve God’s overall plan and lead to something greater than the mind of man can conceive.

It is my personal conviction that God is going to do one of two things. First, He may be setting the stage for a display of His majesty and awesome power in such a wonderful way it will make believers gasp at this display when Donald Trump is announced as the winner of the 2020 election. But, there is a second possibility that might hurt for a little while before it leads to the fulfillment of prophecy of old.

A Biden presidency may be the harbinger of the long awaited Rapture when all believers in Jesus Christ are called to be with their Savior forever. Whichever, it’s a win/win event and personally, I’m looking forward to either. More so the Rapture.

Take heart believers, God has it covered and He is large and in charge. Never doubt that fact.

God Bless you!

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By R H Clark

Ron is a retired pharmacist with 42 years of experience. He and his wife Kitty have been on mission trips to Thailand and Columbia. Ron lives in Rockport, TX and enjoys fishing, hunting, and riding motorcycles.

2 thoughts on “Election Worries”
  1. To claim that a Biden win leads to the rapture, IMHO, is VERY biblically harmful. To claim that Biden is a “cheater” (as you not-so-blatantly do above) is unsupported, unproven, and very dangerous. So while I too long for Christ to return and bring the New Heaven and New Earth to us, while I long for God to once again step into our time and restore the brokenness of this world I feel your words are very divisive and harmful.

    1. Actually, my intent was to point that the increase in evil, which is blatantly obvious, is a possible indicator that we may see the Rapture in our lifetimes. Democrat support for abortion, the gay agenda, and suppression of free speech are, in an of themselves, evil. To say there is no evidence of election is ignoring the accumulated evidence is tatamount to wearing a blindfold.

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