Continue in Faith by Andrea Marino

Even believers of Jesus Christ experience crises in faith- especially in today’s world turned upside down. There is a way to stay afloat.

His name is Jesus.

When Elijah retreated into a cave, believing he was an obedient, faithful servant of God, unlike the Israelites, God told him to come out and stand on the mountain. Elijah merely stood at the entrance of the cave and witnessed a raging wind, which shook his faith (1 Kings 19:11). Similarly, the disciples’ boat, rammed by a forceful wind, as they traveled through a raging storm terrified them (Mathew 14:22-33).

In both instances, it was the still, small voice of the Lord that brought them through. With eyes, fixed on Jesus, Elijah came out of the cave and Peter walked on water.

“You (God) will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You.” (Isaiah 26:3 NKJ)

Those outside faith in Jesus “look but cannot see, hear but cannot listen” (Isaiah 6:9).

In this evil day of Satan’s last stand, we, who follow the Lord, are called to stand our ground in unwavering faith. Mindful of Jesus at all times, specifically in these last days storms of life, we are gifted with spiritual insight (as if with eyes inside our heads), and know we are Supernaturally protected in proclaiming God’s good news to those yet deceived.

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