Chinwe Chimezie Uwaoma is a Non Fiction Christian and Christian Poetry author/writer and the wife of Pastor Chimezie Christian Uwaoma. Born into the family of Elder Linus and Comfort Okoro, she comes from a strong Christian heritage.

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Mrs. Chinwe Chimezie Uwaoma started her Christian faith at Scripture Union Nigeria Nsukka Area. She received her first degree at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and her second degree at the University of Ibadan, where she obtained a Masters degree in Anthropology.

Mrs. Chinwe Chimezie Uwaoma is a dedicated Christian with a passion for the things of God. She and her husband are members of Living Faith Church Worldwide a.k.a Winners Chapel. She resides in Port Harcourt, Nigeria with her husband and two children.

God In Plain Sight

This is a short poetry book that is illuminative, reflectional and mind blowing.

Some of the poems featured in this book includes “The Boss”. This is about God who is the master of the whole universe, whom most people have refused to recognize as the boss and the Lord of their lives. But when you do, you see his loving kindness in unspeakable terms.

Another featured poem is titled “Awesome Grace”. God’s grace is beyond human comprehension, this grace is lavished on us with so much wisdom and kindness from God. This grace is also full of great riches which can only be found in the one he loves which is Jesus Christ.

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“God In Plain Sight” is another poem in this book which is based on Romans1:18-32. This scripture makes it clear that God has revealed himself to man from the visible things he has created. Most men know that this is God, but they refuse to recognize him as God. Instead they glorify created things instead of the Most High God.

This is buttressed by verse 21, “For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts darkened”.

There are other poems such as “Reality and Virtuous Woman”.

Each poem has been written and designed to make you ponder, reflect and meditate about God and how your life can be aligned to do his will.

A Handbook For New Converts

This book is a handbook for new converts in the faith. This book is written in order to explain what it really means to be born again. Many people are in church, but have a misconstrued idea of what it means to be born again.

This book is created to tackle these issues. It also helps the new convert in the faith understand. Understand better what it means to be born again and what the new status confers on him.

Like Arrows In The Hands Of A Warrior Are Sons Born In One’s Youth (God’s Heritage Series Book 1)

This book is for both adults, teenagers and young people. For adults this book which is the first in God’s Heritage Series enlightens adults on how to let little children come to Jesus by being an example to them and also by training.

For children and young people this book tackles the issue of obedience and honour which is a requirement for every child and youngster who wants to live long on this earth and have a good life.

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This book also contains scriptural verses that are tailored towards children and youths with commentaries on each of the verses that is designed to build up children and teenagers in the way of the Lord.

I trust the Lord Jesus that as you read them that Christ will be formed in you. In Jesus Name Amen

Lessons From The Life Of Daniel (God’s Heritage Series Book 2)

The lessons from the life of Daniel are awesome, incisive and transformational if you take heed to them.

From the lessons you will discover that you must refuse to be defiled and for you to achieve this, you must think the right thoughts because what defiles a man is what comes out of his heart as Jesus rightly pointed out.

The overall lesson from the life of Daniel is that no matter where life has boxed you in, your godly values don’t have to change.

For Daniel, the values didn’t change. Yes they were captives in the land of Babylon, but the godly values he was trained with in the land of Judah were still in tact. He refused to be defiled, he continued in prayers and his faith in God never grew cold.

Yes it seems the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has failed them by allowing them to be taken captive but deep down Daniel’s heart he knew that this God never fails no matter the circumstance. In fact, he out shined the Babylonians by his exceptional qualities and godly character although a captive.

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Let This Be Your testimony!

You may be out of job, facing a failed relationship, rejection and maybe imprisonment, the rules/godly values you have been trained with don’t have to change as a result of these. Instead strive to be the best not minding the ugly situation, out shine the Babylonians around you and prove to them that with God all things are possible and that God is capable of bringing out beauty in the midst of the ashes you might be in. Ultimately I trust God that as you apply these lessons into your life you will see your life move from one level of glory to another in the Name Jesus Amen.

The Quest

With six miscarriages in one year Mrs. Chima embarks on a quest to end her agony. Not minding if it is in the devil’s harem…but mercy and grace locates her! An interesting story with life changing lessons.


As Christians we are meant to worship God in truth and in Spirit. But how can we worship if we do not have a knowledge of whom we worship?

Knowledge is key to worship, just as Jesus told the Samaritan woman. This is what this book is about. Your worship of God becomes faulty when you do not know him.

The book also explains what it means to worship in truth and in spirit. And what it means to worship in the beauty of holiness.

Worship is a book loaded with divine revelations from God, a must read for every Christian.

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