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Chicken Earlobes And Eggs by Tonya Jewel Blessing

One of my nieces is afraid of chickens. It’s a long and involved story, but, as a young child, while visiting a relative, she ended up stuck in a chicken house where the hens and roosters weren’t overly welcoming.

Chickens, along with God’s other creations, are amazing. They vary in size, color, and even preferred habitat. The eggs laid by hens also vary. For example, a Rhode Island Red will lay a brown egg and a White Leghorn will lay a white egg.

A country friend, who has raised numerous chickens over the years, recently told me that there is a connection between the earlobe color of a hen and the color of eggs that she lays. The whole thing sounded ridiculous to me until I did some online research. It’s true! About 75% of the time, the egg color corresponds with the earlobe color.

I’m not familiar with laying hens. When Chris and I lived on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, we had two roosters but no hens. Clem and Eugene were small in statue but thought they were prize winning fighters. Both came to an unfortunate demise: Clem drowned in a horse trough, and one of Eugene’s legs fell off due to frost bite. I think chicken life must be rough for both hens and roosters.

As a child, I enjoyed watching Looney Tunes reruns. Foghorn Leghorn was a cartoon character from what is considered the golden age of American animation. Until authoring this article, I didn’t realize that Leghorn was a chicken breed.

“Now who’s, I say who’s responsible for this unwarranted attack on my person!”
“Nice boy, but he’s got more nerve than a bum tooth”
“I made a funny, son and you’re not laughin’”
(Foghorn Leghorn)

Life is interesting and meant to be enjoyed. Celebrate today by eating green eggs, brown eggs, or speckled eggs, and, if you’re as old as me, also celebrate by reminiscing about Foghorn Leghorn, his anecdotes, and unique speech pattern, but most importantly celebrate God and His amazing creations.

Tonya Jewel Blessing

Tonya is the award winning author of three books: The Whispering of the Willows, The Melody of the Mulberries, and Soothing Rain. The books are available on Amazon. Tonya is also the pastor at Columbus Assembly of God church in Stillwater County, Montana, and the co-director/co-founder of Strong Cross Ministries South Africa.

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