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Are You Looking For A Miracle? by Shaleen

Not too long ago, I was watching a show with a familiar theme. Like a lot of western shows, this episode was about a so-called faith healer. He supposedly healed a man and made him able to walk again. The one thing I noticed first is the “faith healer” asked the cripple if he believed in the man who was the healer.

That Was A Red Flag

For one thing, believing in a human being to heal you doesn’t work. We can’t heal anyone by our own merits. We don’t have that kind of power in and of ourselves. The only way we can heal someone is through the Lord Jesus Christ. And then we’re not the ones doing the healing. We can allow God to use us as his instruments to heal.

There have been evangelists/missionaries who have gone to other countries and allowed the Lord to use them to raise someone from the dead. But it was the Lord who raised the person from the dead, not the minister.

This was the first time I had ever heard on a show the main character tell someone there was only one person who can heal. Of course, I knew he was talking about God.

There are many needs in the world. So many are hurting, lonely, sick, cold, hungry. They need a miracle in their lives. They need someone to not only give them food, shelter, medicine, but also to be told there is hope for them.

There is hope of eternal salvation. Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave so we could have eternal life. He’ll soon return to take us home to be with him.

Are you ready to meet him? Do you know the true miracle worker? If not, please give your heart to him now. There’s little time left before he returns for his bride.

If you know him as your Savior and need a miracle in your life, call on him. Ask him for mercy, guidance, healing, and strength. He’ll never leave or forsake you. He will meet your need. All you have to do is ask.

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By Shaleen

Shaleen lives with her cat in the small rural town she grew up in. She can usually be found playing her piano or working on one of several writing projects she has in the works. She hosts a blog, Heavenly News, and has written a children's book about the resurrection of Christ, "What Benjamin Saw." She has also written a book called "The Farmer's Wandering Heart" about a farmer who finds love on a wagon train headed for Oregon. This is the first book of the series, "Trail of Love."

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