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If there is one good thing to take out of this time of isolation, it is called OPPORTUNITY. It has given many people the opportunity to write books and blogs. The time has encouraged me to do at least one productive thing a day.

Learn To Share Your Blog Below

As I’ve said before, I want this website to have a lot of bloggers. This site has been set up so that people can share their writing, their books and their blogs. If you are curious about how to share your blogs, watch the video below:

I created a short 5 minute video to show you how you can blog on this website.

Join The YouTube Channel

Another thing that I have been working on is creating a YouTube Channel. I’m still learning how to set up these videos. I highly encourage you take a look at the channel (CLICK HERE) and subscribe. As mentioned, I’m learning how all of this works, reading a lot of the YouTube rules.

If you’ve done this before, please respond below and help me out. All that I know is that you need subscribers to make a number of changes. One of the first things that I want to do is give us an official name, but that too, requires a minimum of 100 subscribers.

Another thing that I hope to do is do better advertising for your work. If you go back to the YouTube Channel (CLICK HERE) and scroll down to the ‘Created playlist’. I’m hoping to have it organized to each author. Tell me if you like that idea below. Currently, as you can see, the book trailers that are on this website are shared. But, I hope to add more.

If you are an author, you know that one thing that I want to do is one on one chats/ vlogs. And if you’re a blogger, I’m sure we can do the same thing. I’ve spoken to some Christian bloggers who do a ton of writing, but don’t want to publish a book and that is fine.

How You Can Help

The biggest way that you can help is by subscribing and sharing on social media.

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Guest Bloggers Wanted

Great News Ahead…. Christian Writers BookStore is expanding.
What was originally only available for published Christian authors is opening to all Christian writers. I have spoken to many who have a passion for writing, but aren’t yet ready to publish. So we have opened up to bloggers as well.

(If interested in looking into publishing, click on Getting Started)

The most discouraging thing about blogging is finding a place to do it. And at Christian Writers Bookstore, we want to help people find a place to have a voice and find support. As a Guest Blogger, you can write as much or as little as you want- Bible topics, church topics, healthy lifestyle, pop culture, your pick.

If you are interested in blogging, you’ll need to have a WordPress Account (Click HERE). This is completely free. If you need help, check out the video (Click HERE).

However, if you are looking into designing a full website, click on WordPress Website. This link will provide both you and this website a $25 setup cost.

Once you have your account or site, fill out the form below and let’s get started.