Jessica Roman was born in Yonkers, NY, and raised in White Plains, NY.  She grew up in a dysfunctional relationship with her biological mom. Looking back, she remembers not having any food to eat and being abandoned and left alone while my mom was out partying.

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Jessica Roman winded up being adopted after things got so rough that someone called CPS.

Jessica witnessed and saw things children and teens should never go through. She was one such teen and was molested by a staff member.

After all those hardships, Jessica was placed into a family and thought it was home. Shortly after Carloynn (Jessica’s adopted mother) passed, all the adopted children including myself lived the Cinderella life while they were living the good life.

Jessica remembers eating hash in a can and standing in corners for hours while they were eating steak. Long story short, they kicked her out and became homeless.

That is when Jessica hit rock bottom. She was abandoned by her biological sister and was raped that night by multiple people.

God lead Jessica to Yonkers, NY,  where she met Christ and her soon to be husband.  It wasn’t until this point that the waves started to remain calm.

Jessica went through a lot of trials that no women should face. She now realizes that God was molding her into the woman who she is today.

Now she can help broken women break the cycle of abuse.

Books Include:

Mighty Is He: Devotional

In this devotional, we pray that it would deepen your walk, and brings you closer in your walk with Christ.

Now is not the time to give in and give up.

  • You have a purpose.
  • God is not done with you.
  • Keep pushing toward the goal as this is not our home.
  • Continue fighting the good fight of faith.
  • Keep running your race putting your full trust in Jesus, THE KING OF KINGS. He is there ready to guide you.
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Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. Trust in the plans that He has for you and use the gifts that have been given you to Advance HIs Kingdom.

We encourage you to repent and live in a way that is pleasing and edifying to Christ.

Share the gospel and pray for those who don’t know Jesus. We are more than conquers through Jesus who lives in us.

By Michael Furlonger

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