Claire Davies

Claire Davies is an author of CG’s Diary and an upcoming book called DEAD or ALIVE: The Inescapable Decision. (Do you have a biography that you would like to share?)

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Claire’s upcoming book ‘DEAD or ALIVE’ shares the story of Carl who is spiritually dead. He is ready to end it all. Then his focus shifts. His wife and teen daughter have their own battles to face.

The Inescapable Decision is a testimony of how Jesus can save lives and bring healing to the brokenhearted. 


Books Include:

The CG’s Diary

This Diary for preteens combines a story of Millie and her friends with uplifting pictures based on bible verses and enough space to be creative. The CG’s Diary is designed to equip our tweens with the courage, self-worth, faith, hope & love they need to face the challenges of life.

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This resource is for Sunday schools and private use alike and is a wonderful way to empower girls between 9 and 13 to deal with the common issues of preteen life, ranging from bullies and boys to building their faith whilst revealing the power of prayer and the importance of checking their thought life.

The CG’s Diary encourages girls to think about their value and to disregard the lies that have been spoken over them. Millie writes about her friends, her experiences, her own anger and how she learns to deal with it.

There are pictures to color in and enough room for the reader to add their own diary, story and pictures including a full diary of empty pages.

Sunday Schools or larger groups are welcome to request that they copy single page spreads to distribute to their participants in order to follow through with a group exercise or course using the CG’s Diary.

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