Writing My Wrongs

Writing My Wrongs: A Testimony Of God’s Love & Forgiveness

I had gotten to my lowest point when I considered writing a book about how I’d descended so far into sin with my life decisions. It hit me in that moment, that there was still hope for me and I could use my writing to pull myself out of the predicament I was in at that moment. I believed that since I had nowhere else to go (but up), I could “write my wrongs”.

Literally, I could write out my life story and tell others about my puzzling past, and let other people know— its ok, life happens. But I’m not stopping there.

My motive is to also give glory to God and tell others about how good God has been to me and express how much love He showed me even when I was lost and living outside of His plans for my life. I believed that I could reach someone through a connection of relatedness with my broken moments to pull someone else out of their own dark place. All the while my aim was to point my readers to Jesus as truly being a Savior with the redemptive power to change anyone’s situation. Sounds good, right!

That was my plan: so here we are.

This memoir is more like a diary of my ups, and many downs in an effort to show people how God really is an ever-present help, He’s a confidant, and so much more. I really want people to seek Jesus within my story. Not just my story. Because the true author deserves all of the glory for the great things, He has done for me, and for things He can do for you too.

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By Azelyn

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