Togetherness (Short Stories): (Book 2 Short Stories Series)
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Togetherness (Short Stories): (Book 2 Short Stories Series)

A collection of short stories:

  1. Pink Belly Man — One of bully Pink Belly Man’s victims seeks revenge years later.
  2. Working by Committee — Three men and three women report to find answers about UFOs and Alien Abductions.
  3. I Quit — Guitar player and singer is odd man out as his bandmates harass him.
  4. Don’t Believe Them — POTUS’s departure from office leads to nationwide marital law.
  5. The Case of the Wayward Grandson — A grandfather hires P. I. Bobbi Heck to save his grandson.
  6. The Review — A review inspires a new author to higher expectations of turning her book into a movie.
  7. The Last Move — Worn down after 16 moves during his marriage, a husband swears, “This will be the last one.”
  8. No Drone Zone — Country resident declares war against a neighbor’s drone.

Togetherness is Book 2 in the Short Stories Series.

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