Thin Black Road
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Thin Black Road (Also in Audio)

There’s a thin black road
I have traveled many times.
It leads to peace

  • In so many ways.
  • It’s kind of hard to describe
  • For the road’s oft unclear.
  • It unfolds to me
  • Like a lovely gift
  • One word at a time.
  • Then, music fills in the gaps,
  • Making worries fade away,
  • As unexplainable peace pours in.
  • There’s a thin black road
  • It leads me to peace.
  • When good or ill tidings come
  • To threaten my equilibrium,
  • I will travel that road
  • And return to peaceful calm.


This is the first inspirational Christian poetry collection. It’s followed by Just Like You and My Champion. The combination book, Made to Praise, contains all three collections.

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By Michael Furlonger

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