The Slim Thornton Story

The Slim Thornton Story

This is the story of a man who was instrumental in the homebuilding industry of Omaha, Nebraska. Yes, this book is about Slim Thornton. Could you guess that from the title?

It is also a book about Thornton Construction Company which literally built thousands of houses in Omaha. How many were built? Well, inside this book you will learn about that.

And much more!

Inside this book you will be able to go behind-the-scenes and learn all about Slim Thornton. Beginning in Loup City, Nebraska, his birthplace, to his combat experiences in World War II, to his personal life, to his pioneering of cutting-edge technologies, to his founding of numerous companies, you will learn it all in this no-holds-barred book!

Homebuilding is discussed in depth with historical accounts of the house built in a shopping center parking lot, to a house built inside in only two days, to huge subdivisions of newly-built Sweetheart Homes, to developing of Skyline Ranches, and much, much more!

Yes, this book covers the Slim Thornton story and that includes a wide cast of characters. Ann Thornton will obviously be in the story as are Slim’s two children Kay and John.

However, there are others in this book who might not be as familiar to you. For example, much of the success of Thornton Construction Company is due to a man named Robert Pink. You will meet him and many others in this book as well.

Anyone who knew Slim will also remember his involvement with the Shriners, buggies, and Skyline Ranches, but there is even more than that as well.

Dozens of very rare photos are included in this book.

Inside this book you will get to hear some of Slim Thornton’s famous and infamous jokes and stories! Caution, some of Slim’s stories and his language are not safe for the workplace, even though he told them at work!

Anyone interested in the history of Omaha and especially the home building industry will be fascinated by the Slim Thornton story! All written by Slim Thornton’s son, John Thornton

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