The CULTURE Challenge

The C.U.L.T.U.R.E. Challenge: Trading in Your Worldviews for an Eternal Perspective

In a world where everything seems to be constantly evolving and falling apart at the same time, we barely pause to stop and think anymore. We find ourselves mindlessly caught up in the whirlwind of society. We proudly cement our feet into our individual, culture-driven perspectives and opinions.

The self-serving messages our culture sends make it more and more challenging to see life outside of ourselves. As a result, we’ve collectively stopped seeking out truth and have become experts at suppressing the spiritual hunger that lies deep within us all.

But, what if we’re missing out on something much greater than this world has to offer?

What if the fulfillment and peace we so desperately yearn for is closer than we think?

In The CULTURE Challenge, Natasha Grantz confronts tough topics through personal experiences and biblical truths. Join her, as she takes you past society’s surface-level way of thinking and points you toward the deeper life you’ve always desired.

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