Roo's Fine Flapping Day

Roo’s Fine Flapping Day: At Flaky Acres Feather Farm (Auralee Arkinsly Picture Books for Early Readers Book 2)

B09L9V92Z2- Kindle Edition
1951084624- Paperback
1951084616- Hardcover

At the Flaky Acres Feather Farm, Roo-wallaby catches Roo-rooster plucking out the oily black seeds from a lemony sunflower.

This would be fine except there’s been a long, hot drought, and the billabong is dry. Small Babba-Roo needs to feed.

When Roo-rooster calls for help, grouchy Captain Quokka appears. Can he make peace? After all, he is a cousin of Roo-wallaby.

Everywhere Roo-rooster turns, another wallaby cousin appears. What will happen when the ground begins to shake and the claws and bare nose of a wombat appear?

Get This! Especially if you are introducing Australia to a classroom, it includes an Aussie Glossary of Terms!

Nocturnal marsupials and macropods abound at Flaky Acres; bilbies, quirky quokka, even cousin koala appear. Problem-solving, zoology, farm and fowl, reading and language skills are hopping from this Aussie kingdom tale.

Another remarkable CAPTURE BOOKS title.
(Ages 4-6, 7-8, 9-10)

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