Reshner's Royal Guard

Reshner’s Royal Guard

Dark times come to Reshner.

The king and queen are dead. Lord Kezem rules with an iron fist. The royal children have been separated for their own safety. Protected by an ancient charm that links her life to Kezem, Princess Rela lives in the palace.

For a time, Prince Teven trains with the Rangers. He joins the royal guard and goes on the Kireshana so that someday he can confront the usurper and take back the throne. Things don’t go to plan.

Kezem believes the princess can lead him to untold treasures, but because he cannot harm her, he brings her friends along to force her obedience. As an added bonus, he might even get to kill the little lost prince who lived.


This is Book 3 in the Anotech Chronicles series.

The complete series is Reshner’s Royal RangerReshner’s Royal Threat, and Reshner’s Royal Guard.

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