Long Way From Paradise Doboro 2

Long Way From Paradise

Blind but not helpless.

Trying to keep a low profile, Doboro stays with a friend in the peaceful but declining town of Paradise. A charismatic young businessman wants to make drastic changes in the town. He may look like a saint, but he’s a devil in disguise.

Doboro tries to mind his own business, make a little cash singing and avoid trouble. But trouble and Doboro are old companions, and it isn’t long before he finds it.

No matter the consequences, this blind, blues-singing avenging angel will defend his friends and keep the town of Paradise from making a grave mistake.

LONG WAY FROM PARADISE is Book #2 in an ongoing series that brings readers strong doses of action, humor, and heart. It’s highly recommended you start your journey with DOBORO THE BOTTLENECKER.

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