Little Man's Journey: The Mountain

Little Man’s Journey: The Mountain

Little Man discovers that life’s journey can sometimes become difficult. While worrying about the mountain he faces in the future, he is unable to enjoy his day-to-day journey. When he decides to take matters into his own hands, he leaves the path the Lord put him on.

Finally realizing that he can’t defeat the mountain by himself, he has to rely on his faith. He discovers the Lord’s path is always best.

Most of us have been in Little Man’s shoes. Maybe it’s because we don’t have enough faith in God, or we are afraid He won’t help us, or it could be pride that causes us to feel like we have to do things on our own. Whatever the case may be, just like Little Man, if we aren’t careful, we can get off the right path and cause ourselves a lot of unnecessary hardship. Come along with Little Man on his journey as he finds faith in the Lord.

Little Man’s Journey: The Mountain is book one of a seven book series.

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