If the Creek Don’t Rise (Life at the Corners Book 2)

Welcome to Corners Church, a white frame building on the corner of two dirt roads. A new set of characters joins familiar, beloved ones, but the church is the same loving, comforting place as always, or is it?

Pastor J.D. finds more conflict than comfort at Corners Church. He’d hoped to find peace here, but his past with its painful secrets follows him. Not only that, but he has to deal with Cyrus who seems intent on forcing him to leave. J.D. must also untangle his complicated feelings toward Trish Hart.

Trish has secrets of her own. She’s a mystery even to those who know her best.

J.D. and Trish desperately need peace that eludes them. Others, especially their friends Tim and Edna, try to help them, but it isn’t enough. They need God.

God shows His face in many ways in this book: in Tim’s booming laughter, in Edna’s endless supply of spaghetti, in a church that never tires of giving, and in little Charlie Boy’s toothless grin.

Step into the country church once more, if you’ve read Corners Church, or come inside for the first time. You’ll laugh, cry, and feel right at home.

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By Michael Furlonger

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