How To Please God
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God’s Desire: How To Please God (Christian Growth Series) 

Insights for all levels of spiritual maturity. 

This book starts with the complex subject of the will of God presented in an innovative, easy-to-understand, and quick-read format that concisely explains the three main components of God’s will.  This is critical to understanding how to please God. 

The illustrated “Christian Life Model” and “Christian Guidance Model” graphically display what God desires from His children and how they can be assured of making correct decisions throughout their lives.  The book closes with a concise description of the benefits of following the two models. 

Significant material is included for additional study at the end of chapters for individuals or groups.

Are you unsure you are operating at your full Christian life potential?  If so, this book is for you!  This is an intensely practical book for Christians of all maturity levels!

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By Michael Furlonger

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