Bringing Down The House

Bringing Down The House

Old friends. New dangers.

Despite months of relative peace, Doboro, the visually-impaired blues singer and avenging angel, faces a battle within, as he begins to question the wisdom of the decisions he has made, the danger he has assumed and the loved ones he has alienated. In an ironic twist of fate, he learns that the daughter of his old martial arts instructor is now a highly acclaimed musician touring the United States. But she’s also not afraid to speak her mind about several hot political issues. And if given half the chance, her enemies would like to silence her permanently.

Can Doboro’s sharp wit, unrivaled combat skills and unshakable faith protect his friend from the bullets and blades of new enemies as he faces his greatest challenge yet?

Bringing Down the House is the third in Kevin M. Kraft’s thrilling, high-action, faith-based series.

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