In the cycles of the earth, glory rises and falls in the breeze. There is nothing like crisp Autumn air to make you feel alive. The colors of this coffee table book create a novelty tour of fall.

Let all things autumn slip under your skin in the rakishness of falling petals. A harvest time souvenir, Ah, Autumn is a deep breath of colorful joy. Inhale the pages to be filled with happiness and thanksgiving. Everyday life is now a novelty.

Ah, Autumn should be shared at the harvest table and with the best of friends! Exhale brisk, musky memories penned by radio D.J. Kathy Joy, a journalist with two homes: Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Crash into the spritzing leaves of autumn wherever you roam.

If you are organizing a fall event, plan to place the print version at each place setting for that special October or November gathering. You won’t regret the discussions it generates!

Praise for AH, AUTUMN

“Deserving of Michelin Stars. Perusing the pages, I was in the midst of autumn weather, with all its sensory triggers. The colors of this coffee table book create a novelty tour of fall. Without a doubt, the pictures make this book what it is, and that was my favorite part about this book … just looking at the photographs again and again. This is a simple and beautiful book that would be a great addition during the Fall season.It would be good to have this book on the center table as a conversation starter or just a beautiful, colorful seasonal book that captures the essence of the Autumn season.” – Gisela Dixon, Readers’ Favorite Review

Here, you are offered what everyone is looking for, a moment to experience stillness and joy in the thoughtful reflections.. – Erie Court Reporter

There is nothing like the swell of exuberance in the crisp autumn air, and I could smell the leaves as I turned the pages of this book, literally smell them! – JoAnne Simmons, Enchanted Grounds

The colors of this book create a novelty tour of fall. I’m using it for the office waiting room for this reason. – Dr. Cooper

“You have succeeded, once again, in making a seasonal book that people drop into through a time travel portal no matter what season they happen to be actually living in. Wow!” – A. L. Byk, memoir writer

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