You Will Be Like God (Victory to Dystopia Series Book 3)
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You Will Be Like God (Victory to Dystopia Series Book 3)

In 2095, becoming and being a parent is complicated but eliminating grandchildren is profitable.

Bud Lee believes he has proof that his boss is plotting to decide Earth’s fate by recruiting surrogate children into a think tank named The Club. Only one other agrees to help him, a ghostwriter more convinced that computers control him, Bud, and everyone else.

Family relationships are anything but pleasant for the unlikely pair because of expectations placed upon them, so exposing a conspiracy, no matter how far-fetched, is welcome relief from the constraints of a micro-managed existence.

Their search for the truth eventually takes them around the world as they trace down the only ones capable of verifying Mr. Lee’s story. Even then, they both feel like a couple of nowhere men going nowhere accomplishing little, if anything.

You Will Be Like God is Book Three of the Victory to Dystopia series.

The series covers the 150 years of American history from 1945, when the United States took on the mantle of the number one world superpower, until 2095, when it has descended into a dystopia controlled by private citizen technocrats and governmental bureaucrats and the computers and drones they use to control a no longer free people.

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