Working Out With Mike And Farr

1. Introduction (0:002:12)
2. How are you handling the isolation? (2:133:45)
3. How much time do you spend daily exercising? (3:4611:39)
-High Intensity/ Low Intensity – A 10 minutes workout is better than a 60 minute workout you don’t do
4. I’ve heard you mention that muscle building is better for weight-loss. Do you exclude all running/ cycling from your routine? (11:4015:07)
5. My wife and I do the KETO diet. What are your thoughts on diets? (15:0822:42)
5. What are your thoughts on free-weights vs. bands? (22:4330:10)
6. My Final Words (30:1131:09)
7. Farr’s Final Words (31:10)

The Equipment

The links provided above is to make it easy if you wish to purchase identical equipment.

Farr Ramsahoye

Michael Furlonger interviews his brother in the faith, Farr Ramsahoye. Farr Ramsahoye, the owner of Visionary Fitness, took time to discuss working out and diet tips.

Check out the pros and cons of the Ketogenic diet.

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