Work Out With Mike

Work Out With Mike shares the importance of working out, especially in the time of isolation.

The Equipment

The links provided above is to make it easy if you wish to purchase identical equipment.

Michael Furlonger

In his testimony, Michael shares how a car accident as a child caused damage to his hip and left side. While he doesn’t claim to be a physio expert, he shares the importance of modifying his workout. In the video above, he shares 3 simple upper body exercises that he does daily. He also focuses on balancing out the muscle build on his right and left side.

  • Dumbbells- Dumbbells can be used for all sorts of workouts, but Michael’s main focus is using them to workout the biceps. In the video, he illustrates arm curls and concentration curls.
    What is helpful with using dumbbells, as opposed to barbells , is that independence. The left arm and right arm can workout independently and maintain the same amount of resistance (10lbs on the right and left).
  • Thera-bands- What Michael shares about the rubber band are exercises for both the pectoral and triceps. Be cautious to add the resistance on your shoulders and not your neck when doing the shown exercise.
    In the same way as the dumbbells are independent, so are the bands. Michael is careful to make sure that he is centering the bands and is extending to the same on each side.

In a future Work Out With Mike video, Michael will be sharing exercises he does to workout the legs,

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